Today I have recived my micro:bit computer. A small single board computer made for education by BBC.

micro:bit homepage where you also find the browser based programming software.


Gode sider ved droneflyvning

Vej og områdekort, http://cvf.vd.dk/cvf/mapui.jsp

Den Offentlige Informationsserver, https://www.ois.dk/default.aspx

Styrelsen for dataforsyning og effektivisering (det bedste til at se hvem der ejer jorden) : https://sdfekort.dk/spatialmap?

Plandata (Erhvervsstyrelsen, her kan du se zonekort): http://kort.plandata.dk/spatialmap?

Droneluftrum, et sted du altid skal kikke: https://www.droneluftrum.dk/

Dette kort har markeret afstande fra veje og beboelse og lavet et kort: www.geograf.com


Fantastic video explaining Diffie-Hallman key exchange alogrithm used in asymetric gyptography in a simple way.


Thanks to Khan academy for yet another lessions.

This video explain the RSA algorithme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8M2BTscoD4

And her you find an example where the Euler Totient function is calculated in an other way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYasb426Yjk

For sysetric encryption I find this video wery good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKkZ9-Ij6Hs

C# help

Here i list the help pages for the syntax or functionality in c# I have problems to remember, topic I have to google again and again.

  • String formater, Standard Numeric Format Strings
  • Lambda expressions, the “( x => (int)x * (int)x, number)” principle


I have know made my first investment in Bitcoin and look forward to be millionaire in this new marked 🙂

My Bitcoin ID:


Bitcoin ID:1AGhbsKW3SAFze1HsurprkmamNoiegufTH


Blockchain is the new buzzword, and can be a major step in a higher security in the digital World.

Ethereum seem to be a easy to start place for developping and testing blockchain

Blockchain for dummies

And a illustrativ demo https://anders.com/blockchain/ with source code at github

An introduction in Danish you can find at http://www.danskbitcoinforening.dk/

Here is two guides to make and test an private blockchain