arkiver: november 23, 2017

C# help

Here i list the help pages for the syntax or functionality in c# I have problems to remember, topic I have to google again and again. String formater, Standard Numeric Format Strings Lambda expressions, the “( x => (int)x * (int)x, number)” principle



I have know made my first investment in Bitcoin and look forward to be millionaire in this new marked 🙂 My Bitcoin ID: Bitcoin ID:1AGhbsKW3SAFze1HsurprkmamNoiegufTH


Blockchain is the new buzzword, and can be a major step in a higher security in the digital World. Ethereum seem to be a easy to start place for developping and testing blockchain Blockchain for dummies And a illustrativ demo with source code at github An introduction in Danish you can find at Here is two…

Fotokurset/skoler Har mange workshop   Fotostudio

Depth og field

I have found this webiste, where you can get a very good understanding af depth of field in an interactively way. On this site you can calculates the camera depth of field and background blur and visually simulates it on a photo together with different types of lens blur (bokeh) for any lens, camera and distance combination.

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