My checklist

Here I have all the programs og components I meet around the Internet. Programs that I could be useful or interesting to explore or use:


Cheatsheets, explenation and defination for Machine Learning from standford.
To understand convolution start look at Wikipedia 

Software4Makers has OPC UA and a small “SCADA” for Arduino

GNU Octave for visualisering and mathematic  Russian site with open source code and small royalty free

CUDAfy.NET for GPGPU application in C# (.NET)

Emgu CV, C# implementation for OpenCV, this program have a implantation for xamarin

The Accord.NET  Framework is a .NET machine learning framework combined with audio and image processing libraries completely written in C#.

ThingSpeak one of many IOT middleware products you can use in developing IOTapplications

Mako server from Real Time Logic is a out of the box IOT server using “SMQ broker”. The provide example code for the  ESP8266 wifi module.

The Microsoft Workflow Foundation, this framework could be a great and flexible way to implement buisness logic into your application.

This site hav som nice calculation program, what can it do for me.