Circuit Simulator

Funny and simple circuit simulator Circuit Simulator Applet (

Arduino IDE

By following this video toturial it is posible to have a dark theme. The video use a theme from github made by Jeff Thompson

Data-Driven Documents

Viasulisation in JavaScript, lot of nice and interesting graphs at


Today I have recived my micro:bit computer. A small single board computer made for education by BBC. micro:bit homepage where you also find the browser based programming software.  

Gode sider ved droneflyvning

Vej og områdekort, Den Offentlige Informationsserver, Styrelsen for dataforsyning og effektivisering (det bedste til at se hvem der ejer jorden) : Plandata (Erhvervsstyrelsen, her kan du se zonekort): Droneluftrum, et sted du altid skal kikke: Dette kort har markeret afstande fra veje og beboelse og lavet et kort:

3D model based on drone photo

DroneDeploy at a program where you can make an 3D model based on your DJI drone flight.

Arduino with mobile interface

At you find an Arduino version where you can produce a mobile app in the same programming enviroment as you program Arduino. They also produce an version you can programme in block programming langue so you don’t need any advance programming skils.


Fantastic video explaining Diffie-Hallman key exchange alogrithm used in asymetric gyptography in a simple way. Thanks to Khan academy for yet another lessions. This video explain the RSA algorithme And her you find an example where the Euler Totient function is calculated in an other way For sysetric encryption I find this video wery good

C# help

Here i list the help pages for the syntax or functionality in c# I have problems to remember, topic I have to google again and again. String formater, Standard Numeric Format Strings Lambda expressions, the “( x => (int)x * (int)x, number)” principle



I have know made my first investment in Bitcoin and look forward to be millionaire in this new marked 🙂 My Bitcoin ID: Bitcoin ID:1AGhbsKW3SAFze1HsurprkmamNoiegufTH

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