Blockchain is the new buzzword, and can be a major step in a higher security in the digital World. Ethereum seem to be a easy to start place for developping and testing blockchain Blockchain for dummies And a illustrativ demo with source code at github An introduction in Danish you can find at Here is two…

Fotokurset/skoler Har mange workshop   Fotostudio

Depth og field

I have found this webiste, where you can get a very good understanding af depth of field in an interactively way. On this site you can calculates the camera depth of field and background blur and visually simulates it on a photo together with different types of lens blur (bokeh) for any lens, camera and distance combination.

Food Photography

Food Photography

It is a challenge to take good and appetizing pictures of food. I find Michael Rays website very interesting with a lot of good advice and ideas. I tried his advise in this article and got this result – In my opinion not bad in 10 minute and without any post processing 🙂 My fresh bread rolls My…

DSLR shutter count

Most or all mine DSLR camera put in shutter count in picture data. On those site you can eg. get the shutter count here you only get the shutter count. here you get a lot of information from picture info

Nikon serial number

Nikon serial number database, look up to see where your camera or lens where intent to be sold


Made my first examples using AFroge.NET. Examples include capturing image and video from internal and external webcams (D-Link 932-LB). In my reading I find this free Surveillance Software from iSpy. se more at

Robotter til alle

Shape robotics har udviklet et rigtig spændende modulært robotsystem. Systemet henvender til alle der vil lege med robotter fra 2. klasse.

Fysik og kemi

Det sker en gang imellem at man skal bruge noget som normalt kun findes i fysik og kemi lokalet. Her kan det købes som privatperson

Free e-books on popular technologies

I find books about Xamarin Forms, Cryptography in .NET and Machine learning i C#

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